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Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SME)

All organizations face working capital challenges. While the predominant focus of Amplio Group’s services is towards large multinational businesses, a number of our offerings can be scaled back for smaller companies.

The owner of a small to medium sized business may wonder why he or she should considering using working capital advisors. The answer is plain. It can help put them on a more equal footing with their large business counterparts. Companies that are also frequently their biggest customers.
Small business managers know that their greatest challenges are often in dealing with large customers. Customers that have far greater working capital resources, including advisors, working on their behalf.

Amplio Group’s expertise can provide a significant competitive advantage by refining working capital procedures.

Amplio Group’s assistance will emphasize:

  • Customer service and satisfaction
  • Financial benefits through maximized cash flow
  • The easing of customer/supplier interaction

Amplio Group’s SME service offerings are scaled to meet the requirements of small businesses while providing a rapid recovery of costs.


Medium to Large Sized Enterprises (MLE)

Amplio Group’s services and expertise are of greatest assistance to medium and large sized enterprises. Amplio Group’s professional services have been designed to provide the maximum benefit as rapidly as possible to multinational Clients.

Amplio Group’s working capital benchmarking database is structured in such a way as to permit extensive drilldown comparisons. These comparisons can offer a decisive advantage to our clients. The benchmarking database gives a detailed look at an unparalleled selection of organizations. Furthermore, Amplio Group’s data is kept current through Client relationships built over many years by our professionals.

MLE Clients have several specific needs. Some of the most important requirements are:

  • Pedigree and experience – an extensive list of high quality Clients
  • Expertise – unique knowledge and skills that are not readily available within the Client organization
  • Scale – adequate resources to meet project deadlines
  • Responsiveness – ability to commence work quickly and provide results rapidly

Amplio Group exceeds the expectations of our Clients in each of these areas.


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