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Michael Van Luven, President and Managing Director
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  • We believe that there are realistic and reasonable solutions to almost all working capital performance deficiencies and that improvements pay significant financial dividend.
  • We believe that organizations have good and dedicated personnel that can develop new abilities with expert guidance.
  • We believe that customer satisfaction, sales growth and receivables performance are all interlinked and that improvement in all three can and should happen simultaneously.
  • We believe that communication and knowledge are the keys to improving working capital performance.
  • We believe that improvement flows through evolution rather than reengineering.
  • We believe that openness and a collaborative partnership approach is crucially important to the success of any consultant/client undertaking.
  • We believe in innovation but innovation must be carefully evaluated and implemented with caution.
  • Our professionals have advised world-class multinationals for years and have assisted in the implementation of best of class working capital practices, processes, functions and systems. Our unique knowledge base and exhaustive benchmarking database provide us with unmatched resources to assist Clients seeking working capital improvements.
  • We value our Client relationships and look forward to forging new relationships with forward-looking organizations seeking to achieve optimized working capital practices.

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