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Amplio Group’s methodology is founded on several key concepts.

The initial step in the process of improving working capital performance is the operational review. The operational review is a comprehensive investigation of the performance and practice of all participants in the customer and/or supplier relationship.

While the operational review is wide-ranging and in-depth, it is performed in such a manner as to avoid disrupting a Client’s ongoing activities. Unnecessary distraction is prevented through the learned expertise of Amplio Group’s professionals about which activities to carefully target.

The operational review is conducted through an analysis of quantitative data, and via interviews with, and observation of, key process participants. The product of the review is a detailed, step-by-step report specifying opportunities and remedial actions.

Amplio Group's expertise and experience permit rapid completion of the review process, and the timely presentation of findings and solutions.

The other major concept for improving working capital performance is the use of selective implementations.

Where the challenges identified during the review are sufficiently complex and pervasive, implementation assistance is available.

Amplio Group's expert practitioners are capable of spearheading implementation activities in collaboration with the client's personnel.

Implementation procedures undertaken by Amplio Group's practitioners include:

  • Changing the culture in an organization through education and training
  • Introducing new measurements and metrics
  • Evolving and rationalizing organizational processes and practices
  • Outsourcing certain functional duties

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