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Technology can be an important factor in the maximization of accounts receivable performance.

After closely scrutinizing and evaluating existing A/R packages and modules, it became quickly apparent that none of the available applications came close to providing the functionality needed to perform all necessary tasks easily, rapidly, and effectively. As a result, Amplio Group decided to provide a solution.

Achieving best of class performance requires several key things: thorough record keeping, a careful prioritization of activities, responsive handling of customer satisfaction issues, open communication channels, and detailed performance measurements and analysis. With these concerns in mind, Amplio Group set out to develop Auxilium – a powerful accounts receivable software package.

What is Auxilium? From the Latin verb meaning ‘to assist’, the Auxilium application does exactly that. Auxilium assists the participants in the accounts receivable chain. Auxilium automates activity prioritization based upon predefined criteria (such as account value, invoice status, etc.), generates correspondence when required, acts as a central repository and manager of customer satisfaction issues, and provides detailed records and measurement of activities and performance.

Auxilium is a fully scaleable and open application. It can be used on an enterprise-wide basis, or for individual operating units. It provides easy functionality for all users in the Accounts Receivable Network Model, and it employs an easy to operate web-based interface.

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